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Vikas Krishan

UK MD - Globant

Globant is a 30,000 strong Digital Services business. We engaged SRVCD Talent Solutions to deliver our UK technology hiring programme. I am pleased to say that their success rate was remarkable, enabling us to quickly scale to meet client requirements throughout the UK.

Martin Blackburn

Chairman - LRQA

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for SRVCD. Their expertise in delivering an Oracle discovery process was impressive. From the initial consultation to the final report, SRVCD demonstrated a deep understanding of our business technology needs. SRVCD’s attention to detail, prompt communication, and ability to successfully navigate multiple stakeholders ensured a smooth and successful project. I highly recommend SRVCD for their outstanding IT services and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Alex Isherwood

CEO - KnowSomeone.com

I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for SRVCD’s exceptional IT services. Their contribution in building our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for KnowSomeone.com, our disruptive tech platform in the global recruitment sector, was truly outstanding and has enabled us to go to the VC markets on schedule and with real confidence in a quality product. SRVCD’s team showcased their technical prowess, consultative nature, and attention to detail throughout the development process. They quickly grasped our vision, translated it into a functional and intuitive platform. Their prompt communication, professionalism, and commitment to delivering on time and within budget were exemplary. SRVCD has played a pivotal role in bringing our disruptive platform to life, and I highly recommend their exceptional IT services to any organisation seeking transformative solutions.

Najib Nathoo

Executive Chair - Lifestyle Rentals

I am extremely grateful to SRVCD. They came to our rescue when a software project with an Indian development center failed. SRVCD rapidly and expertly rebuilt it in the UK with remarkable speed and efficiency. Their technical expertise and dedication saved us from a critical setback. Highly recommended!

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