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SRVCD (Serviced) stands out as the unparalleled leader in driving innovative change through a blend of exceptional talent, cutting-edge technology, and transformative strategies. Embrace the journey of digital excellence with us.

What we do

What we do

Strategy & Transformation

We're the tech makeover squad! Our strategy and transformation IT services revamp businesses with smart solutions, modernising systems, and powering growth with business tailored innovations.

Data & AI

Get ready for some data magic! Our Data and AI services make information work wonders, turning insights into action and boosting your business with smart solutions.

Managed Services

We've got your tech covered! Our managed IT services keep everything running smoothly, so you can focus on your business while we handle the tech wizardry behind the scenes.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud power, unlocked! Our Cloud Infrastructure services create a flexible playground for your tech dreams, keeping your data safe, your operations smooth, and your business soaring to new heights.

Cyber Security

We're the guardians of your digital realm. Our Cyber Security services shield your business from the digital baddies, ensuring your data stays safe while you conquer the world.

Software and Tech Engineering

Unlock innovation with SRVCD's Software & Technology Engineering services. We craft cutting-edge solutions, tailored to your needs, amplifying efficiency, and propelling your tech vision into reality.

Project Management

We're the dream team for getting things done! Our Project Management services make sure everything clicks, from start to finish, so your goals turn into reality, hassle-free.

Hardware & Software

Our team of specialists will deliver against your hardware and software requirements in the same way we do our teams, rapidly whilst ensuring market leading prices.

Strategy & Transformation​

Our strategy and transformation services focus on evolving businesses through a blend of talent, technology, and transformative thinking, ensuring future-ready systems and growth-driven solutions.

Data & AI

Leverage data to drive decision-making with our Data and AI services, combining analytical prowess and technological innovation to transform insights into actionable growth strategies and exciting possibilities.

Managed Services​

Our Managed Services keep your technology organisation scalable, robust and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on your core business while we help you handle the talent, tech and transformation complexities.

Cloud Infrastructure​

Utilise our Cloud Infrastructure services to help design, build and maintain secure, scalable, and flexible cloud solutions, enhancing operational agility and data security in a digital-first world.

Cyber Security​

Protect your people, reputation and digital assets with our Cyber Security services, integrating advanced security measures to safeguard your data and systems against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Building Delivery Teams

Drive faster innovation with our bespoke software and technology delivery solutions, tailored to enhance efficiency and align with your strategic business objectives. Build a start fast and finish the first partnership.

Project Governance

Ensure seamless project execution with our Project Governance services, focusing on delivering results that align with your strategic goals through collaborative and continuous planning that brings everyone along.

Hardware, Software, Licensing

Are you getting the right value? Get rapid and cost-effective hardware, software, and licensing solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operations and enhance overall business performance.

Engage. Inspire. Evolve.

In an ever-shifting global landscape, a dynamic, transformative partner is paramount. SRVCD (Serviced) steps into this role, marking a new era in how organisations approach change and development.

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”
— George Westerman

Why partner with SRVCD?

In a constantly evolving world, SRVCD (Serviced’)is a key partner and guide. We’re dedicated to steering organizations through the ever-changing landscape, helping them confidently grow and adapt.

We understand our clients’ thirst for digital innovation and are committed to making it a reality.

You and your customers’ experiences are our priority – we’re focused on making them as seamless as possible.

On costs? We’re all about trimming them down while keeping things straightforward and effective.

Efficiency is crucial; we always find new ways to improve our game.

As for going digital-first, we’re not just on board; we’re leading the charge. We see it as an exciting challenge.

Outdated tech? It can be a hurdle, but we’re well-equipped to drive forward transformational change.

Embracing change brings many benefits, like staying ahead of the curve, continuously improving, and always being ready for what’s next. We’re here to make sure you experience all these advantages.

SRVCD's Pillars of Excellence

The T-Shape Methodology is at the core of our approach, a blend of deep, comprehensive understanding and focused, practical solutions in people and change management. This method is instrumental in addressing your unique challenges with tailored strategies, ensuring a holistic and impactful transformation.

Talent Partnering

Unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Technology Delivery

Pioneering next-gen solutions.

Transformational Change

Sculpting the future of your business landscape.

Why work with SRVCD?

In today’s ever-changing landscape, SRVCD is a beacon of transformative potential, championing a dynamic partnership ethos. We are not just a service provider but a catalyst for your organisation’s evolution, navigating through transformative and incremental changes with unwavering support and expertise.

Values-Led Delivery: Emphasising integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility.

Holistic Solutions: Tailored strategies for sustainable success.

Expertise and Experience: A diverse range of industry insights.

Innovation and Agility: Staying ahead with cutting-edge solutions.

Lasting Partnerships: Building trust and long-term alliances.

Tailored for Uniqueness: Recognising the individuality of each project.

Embark on a transformational journey with SRVCD. Reach out to us today to discuss your unique needs and explore how our services can be tailored to meet your business goals.

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